Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

116 A Funeral Sermon on heat, I have the remainders of pride in me, how dare you blow up the 'Parks of it ? He deflr'd force Miniilers, his chofen friends, to meet at his Houfe , and ['lend a day in Pryer for his direction in a matter of moment : before the Duty was begun, he faid, I have defr'd your affiance at this time, becaufe I believe God will fooner hear your Prayers than mine. He imitated St. Auflin both in his Pe- nitential Confeflions, acid Retrata- tions. In conjunhion with Hu- mility, he had great Candor for others. He could willingly bear with perfons of differing, Senti- men s : he would not proflitute his own judgment, nor ravfh anothers. He did not over-eí eer hirnfelf, nor under-value others. He would give liberal Encomiums of many Conforming Divines. He was fe- vere to himfelf, but candid in ex- cufing, the faults ofothers. Where- as,