Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 7 as, the buhe Inquirer and Cenfurer of the faults of others; isufually the eafie Negleáer of his own. Self- denial and Contempt of the World were ibining Graces in him. I never knew any perfon lefs indulgent to himfélf, and more indifferent to his Temporal intereff. The offer of a f3iiho- prick was no temptation to him for his exalted Soul de%ifed the Pleafures and Profits vt hich others fo earneflly delire ; he va'ued not an empty Title upon his Tomb. His Patience was truly Chrifli- an. God does often try his Chil- dren by Affl ion , to exe. rife their Graces , to occafion their Vitory, and to entitle them to a triumphant Felicity. This Saint was tried by' many Afktions. We are very tender of our Reputation his Name was obfcur'd under a Cloud of detrac- tion. Many flanderous Darts were 13 thrown