Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

i18 A Funeral-Sermon on thrown at, him. He was charg'd with Schifan and Sedition. He was accus'd for his Paraphrafe up- on the New Teffament, as guilty of difloyal Afperftons upon the Government, and Condemn'd, un- heard, to a Prifon , where 14,e re- main d for force years. But he was fo far from being moved at the unrighteous profecution, that he joyfully faid to a confiant friend, What ceailcl I de fire more of God, than after having ferv'd him to my power , I ¡hould now be called to . fuferfor him. Onewho had Teen a fierce Diflènter, was .afterward rankled with an oppofite heat, and very contumelioufly in his Wri- tings reflected upon Mr. Baxter, who calmly endur'd hisContempt: and \ hen the fame perfon publifht a learned DifLourfe in Defence of Chriftianity , Mr. Baxter faid, I forgivehim allfor his Writing that Book. Indeed he was fo much the more