Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

120 A Funeral Sermon on His pacifck Spirit was a clear Charader of his being a Child of God. How ardently he endeavour'd to cernent the`breaches among us, which others widen and keepopen, is publickly known. He laid to a friend; I, can as willingly k a Mary tir for Love, as for any Article of the Creed. is ftrange to aflonifh- rnent, that thofe who agree in the fubflantial and great Points of the Reformed Religion, and are of dif- fering Sentiments onely in things not fo dear, nor of that moment as thole wherein they content, fould iill be oppofite Parties. Methinks the remembrance how our Divifions lately cxpos'd us to our watchful] Adverfary, and were aImoui fatal to the intereil ofReli- gion, should conciliate our Affec- tions. Our common danger and common deliverance, fhould pre- pare our Spirits lot' a fincere and firm Union. When our Sky was fo