Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 121 fo dark withoùt a glimmering Horizon, then by a new dawning of God's wonderful Providence, a Deliverer appear'd, our gracious Soveraign, who has the Honour of eilabliihirig our Religion at home, and gives -us hopes of re- floring it abroad, in places from whence it has been io unrighte- ou,fly and cruelly expc:lyd. M'.y the Union of his proteflant Sub- jeds in religious things fo deiir'd by wile and good Men, be accom- plifht by his princely Counful 'and Authority. Integrity with Chari- ty would remove thofe things that have fo long difunited us. I re- turn from this Digreflion. Love to the Souls of Men was the peculiar Charaáer of Mr. Baxter's Spirit.. In this he imita- ted and honoured our Saviour, who prayed, dyed, and lives for the Salvation of Souls. All his natural and fupernatural Endow- meuts