Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

12,6 A Funeral-Sermon on Being in great Anguifli, he faid, 0 how unfearchable are hisways and his paths pall finding out ! the rea- ches of his Providence we cannotfa- thom : and to his Friends, Do not think thewvorfe of Religionfor what youfee me fuller. Beingoften ask'd byhisFriends, how it was with his inward Man, he replied, I blefs God I have a well-grounded4/urance of my Eter- nal Happinefs, andgreat Peace and Comfort within; but it was his trou- ble he could not triumphantly ex- preys it, ly reafon of his extreme pains. He laid, Flefh mull perilh, and we mull feel the perifhing of it and that though his lodgment fûb- mitted, yet fenfe wouldflill make him groan. Being asked by a Perlonof Qua lity, whether he had not great joy from his believing Apprehen- fions of the invifible State , he re- plied : What elfe think you Chri- lianity