Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

4 A Funeral-Sermon on Job â. Luke 3. Powers, and their immortal Nature. From hence it is, the Angels are called the Sons of God : They are the eldef{ Off fpring.of his Power. Adam has the Title of the Son of God. And Pince the Fall, Men are called God's O(spring. There is an indelible Charaaerof Dig- nity engraven in the reafonable Nature by the Hand of God. But fince Man turn'd Rebel to his Creator and Father, this endearing obliging Relation aggravates his Rebellion, but gives him noInterefr in the Pa- ternal Love of God, of which he has made a deadlyForfeiture. "ris threatned againli ignorant perverib Sinners, He that made them, will not fave them. (2:) Upon the account ofex- ternal Calling and Profeffion, there is an intercurrent Relati- on of Father and Sons between God