Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

-..-------- Mr. Richard Baxter. God and his People. Thus the Pofterity of Seth are called the Sons of God : and the entire Nation of the Jews are fo ai- led ; When Ifrael nvw young, 1 Balledmy Son out ofEgypt. Arid all that have received Baptifm, the Seal of the holy Covenant, and profefs Chriflianity, in this general Senfe may be called the Children of God. But 'tis not the outward Dedication that entitles Men toa laving Intereft in God, unlefs they live accor- ding to that Dedication. There are baptized Infidels, as well as unbaptized. Howmany every day fall as deep as Hell, whofe hopes were high,on the account of their external Chriflianity. (3.) God is our Father upon a more excellent Account, by Renovation and Adoption. The natural Man is what St. Paul faith of the voluptuous Widow, B 3 dead Gen. 6. Hofea r r .