Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

The Sure Trial of ?Jprightnefs, opened infèveral Sermons,upon Pfaff. 18. v. z3. ln Octavo. A Defcription of the Bleed Place and State of the Saints a- bove, in a Difcourfe on John 14.z. Preached at the Funeral of Mr. Clarkfon. The Way to the highefl Honour, on John r/, 26. Preached at the Funeral of Dr. Jaeomb. The Speedy Coming of Chriff to ludgme t, on Rev. zz. r z. Preach- ed at the Funeral of Mr. Benj. Afhurft. A Funeral Sermon for the Re- verend, Holy and Excellent Di- vine, Mr. Richard Baxter, who Deceafed December the 8th.1691. Witb an Account ofhis Life. AD-