Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

4 A Funeral-Sermon on dead while he lives. There is not only a ceffation of fpiritual Aas, but an utter incapacity to perform them : he cannot obey nor enjoy God. Now the re- newing of Man is called a Re- generation : Our Saviour tells 1Vicodemai, VerilyIfayunto you, Unleif a Man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdomof Heaven. The reafon of the Expreflion is, becaufe there isa newNature, fpiritual, holy and heavenly, communicated, dif- ferent from the carnal, polluted and earthly Nature, derived from the firft Adarn. And as the Relationof a Father refults from thecommunicating a vita l aaive Principle to another, in that kind of Life likehis own; fo God by making us Partakers ofaDivineNature,ofhisLife and Image, is ftiled our Father : Of Jan"ry 18. his own Will begat he to, with the Wora