Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

M. Richard Baxter. 1100.1.1... I (r.) Adoption is a legal AU in imitation of Nature, for the Comfort of thofewho are with- out Children. But God had a Son, theHeir of his Love and Glory. His adopting Love is heightned by confidering our Meannefs and Vilenefs we are but a little breathing Duff worthlef Rebels. The Apo file cries out in a rapture of Ad- miration and Joy, Behold what manner of Love the Father bath bellowed upon us, that we fhould be called theSons of God ! Ifwe confider the natural Diffance between God and us, as he is the Creator, and we are the Works of his Hands, 'tis truly infinite ; but the moral Diffance between theholy righteous God and the guilty polluted Crea turc, is, if it were poflible,more than infinite : Love inconcei- vable ! That releafes us from Bone