Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

t z A Funeral-Sermon on r Bondage, and adopts us into the. Lineof Heaven. If we admire any thing of this World in corn- parifon of it, 'tis a fign we have no ¡hare in this Privilege. (2.) Civil Adoption conveys. no Praife-worthy Qualities into the Perlon that is adopted. A King may adopt one to be his Son, and the Heir of his King- dom, but cannot endow him with a Royalty of Spirit, with ruling Wildom, with Jufrice and Equity , Clemency and Bounty,with Magnanimity and Fortitude, that may qualify him to manage the Scepter. The adopted Prince may be of a low fordid Difpofition, a Slave to his vile Lufis, and detigning to enflave others. But all the a- dopted Sons of God are divine- ly renewed ; they are purified from defiling & debatingLuf}s, and are adorn'd with all the Graces