Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

1.4 6 AFuneralaSermon on of God's Love to his Children, 'Tis obfervable how the Love of God to them expref- fes it felf in all the Notions of Propriety and Precioufnefs, to make it more fenfible to us. Exod. 19. They are filed his Treafure, his Mal. 3. jewels, the mof precious part Zech.9. 16 of his Treafure, the Jewels of his Crown, that are the richef Jewels. Nowwill he throw a- way his Treafure, or fuller the cruel Enemy to rob him of his Jewels ? Will he not take them into his fate Cufody ? 'Tis to be obferved, that the Eleem and Affeaion of God principal- ly refpeas theSouls of hisChil- dren : TheirSouls have anori- ginalAffinity withhim in their Subfance as Spirits : and being born again of the Spirit, they are Spirit in their Divine Qua- lities&Endowments, and more endear'd to him than by their firi