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Mr. Richard Baxter. firfF.Alliance.His tender Care to preferve them. willbecorrefpon- dent tohis Valuation and Love. Moreover , the Condition of departing Souls affords ano- ther Argument of reliance up- on his Love ; for they leave this vifible World,withall their Supports and Comforts ; they are í}ripp'd of all fenfible Secu- rities : And will he leave them fatherlefs in fuch a forlorn and defolate State ? His Love is ex- prefs'd byMer`y, Compaffion, Pity, melting Affeaions, that are moff tenderly moved when thebeloved Objet,} is in Dif}refs. Our Saviour propounds an Ar- gument for dependance upon the delivering Love of God, from the Exigence of his Peo- ple; Shallnot Goddeliver his`own Eleïl, the Defgnation of Love, who cry day andnight to him? Ie will do it fpeedily. Love is ne- C vcr