Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. that Spirit (hall be devefled of Flefh,he will bring it toHeaven the Temple of his Glory, to be with him for ever. 'Tis great- er Love for a King to lay a- u de his State, and dwell in a mean Cottage with his Favou- rite, than to receive him into his Palace, and communicate to him of his rich Abundance. 'Tis another moil comfortable Confederation, that the Love of God is urivariable towards his Children : His Love is the fòle moving Caufe of our filial Re- lation to him : Of his own Will James. he begat ta by the Word ofTruth. His Soveraign free Love was the Principle of his elcaing any to the Dignity of being his Chil- dren : This Love is asunchange- able as free ; and Fleaion that proceeds from it,is as uhchange- able as his Love. What can in- duce hire to alter his Af eaiori C 2 to-