Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

:o 4 Funeral- Sermon on towards them ? For fuch is the perfe&ionofhis Know ledg, that he can never be furprized by a fudden new Event, that may caufe a change in his Mind and Will. He forefaw all the Sins of his People, with their provo- kingAggravations. Now ifthe forefight of themdid not hinder his eleaingLove in its rife, can they frufrate its end, thebring- ingof them to Glory ? Befides, we may argue from what his Love has done for his Children, to what he will do He has given his Son and Spirit to them, the fureft Signs of his Love, if we confider the unva- luable Excellence of the Gifts, and the Defign of the Giver. The SonofGod is themofr ex- cellent Gift of his Love, as un- deferved, as he was undefired And from hence the Apofie ar- gues, Th that gave his Soy for