Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. z i as all, bowmuch more will he with him give as all things ? Bleffed God ! What richer Evidence., and more convincing Demon- fration can there be of thy Love ? Willhe not withhimgive as all things .? The Inference is dire& and conclufive, with re- fpea to temporal and eternal Things. He will give to his Children in the prefent World,, whatever his Wifdom, in con- junetion with his Love, fees good for them. To illuffrate this by a low and familiar Ia- fiance ; If a Mother bellows upon her Daughter rich Jewels for her Marriage.Ornaments, will the deny her Pins to drefs her ? And we may as ftrongly argue, that with his Son he will give us eternal Bleffings. Will he giveus the Tree of Life, and not permit us to eat of theFruit of it ? What was the deignof C3 his