Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on reified thy Word above all thy Name. His Word here imme- diaLely fignifies hisPromife, that has its rife fromhis lovingKind- nefs, and its performance from his Truth. This he magnifies both with refpeE to the matter of his Promifes that are exceed- ing great and precious, and the fulfilling them above all that we can ask or think. God can- not repent or lie; his Counfels are unretraaable, from the Im- mutability of his Nature ; his Promifes are infallible, from his Fidelity : they are as unchange- Jer31.3 S able as theSun andStars in their appointed Courfes ; nay, more liable than theCentre : for Hea- ven and Earth fhall pafs away, but not a tittle of his Promifes, andour Hopes be unfulfilled. If the Frame of Nature were dif- fòlved, it would be no lofs to Cod,who is glorious and bleffed