Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

M. Richard Baxter. 29 in his own Perfeaions : but if his Promifes fail, the Honour of his Truth would be impair'd and blemifh'd. The PfafrniíF faith, Tbofe that know thy Name, will truft in thee : Thofè who know the Creature, its Levity, Mutability and Mortality, will be difcourag'.d from trufting in it ; but thole who know the e- ternal Confrancy of God in his Nature and Promifes, will fe- curely rely upon him. Now thePromifes, theDecla- rations of God's Love, without which we cannot haveany folid and fufraining Hope in our Death, afire us of God's recei- ving the feparate Spirits of his Children. There wasa confiant clearnefs, tho not in that degree of Light as fence the appearance of Chrift, of the Happinefs of the departedSaints. Dyingya- cob breaks forth with a lively Hope,