Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

AFuneralsSermon on Pfal. $. Pfal. 89. renewed Spirits, made like to him in his Holinefs, the moll~ Divine Perfeaion. The Rela- tion of Creator implies his om- nipotent Love, and the Attri- bute of Faithful, his eternal Love declar'd in his Promifes. There can never be the leaf caufe to charge himwith Infin- cerity or Inconfancy. The Favour of God is round about the Righteous 41,c a Shield : And his Faithfulnefs is round about him, that he is always ready to per- form his Promife to them. They may fafely truft the worth of their Souls, and the weight of Eternity with him, who ha; Paid, he will never leave them, nor forfake them. Befides, the Promife ofa Re- ward to the obedient Children of God, is fecur'd not only by his Fidelity, but the declar'd Equity of his Proceedings in his