Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. Tabernacle be di[folved, we havea Building ofGod eternal in the Heavens. And, we are confident, I fay, rather to be abfent from the Body, andprefent with the Lord. St. Peter encourages Chriftians when furrounded with Death, to commit their Souls to him ; I Pet.4. rá Wherefore let them that finer ac- cording to the Will of God, com- mit the keeping of their Souls to him in reel-doing, as unto a faith- ful Creator. He encouraged' them to encounter Death in its molt formidable Pomp, by con- fidering their Souls íhall be fafe for ever, upon the account of God's Right and Intere{ in them, and his Fidelity : he bas an original Right in them by the firft Creation, as they are intelleaual immortal Spirits in their Nature, but a nearer and more efpecial Right by a new and nobler Creation,as they are re-