Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

34 A Funeral- Sermon on a rightem thing with God to re- compenfe Tribulation to/hemwho trouble yogi : .and to you who are troubled, reft with ass. Confider them in the Comparifon ; 'Tis becoming his governing Juftice to punifh the unrighteous Per- fecutors, and reward his faith- ful Servants who fuffer for his Glory. Now the prefent Life is the Day for our Work, as our Saviour faith, Imull do the Work of him that fent me,while'tis cal- led to Day : And at Death, the Spirit returns to God that gave it, in order to Judgment, either fa- tal or favourable, according to the tenor of Mens good Works, and the defers of their bad. The Promife is to them, who by pati- Rom. 2. ent continuance inwel-doing, féek for Glory, and Honour, and Im- mortality, they fhall obtain eter- nal Life. Our Saviour encoura- ges his fuf eying Servants, Be faith.