Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 35. faithful to the. Death, and Iwill giveyou theCrown ofLife. The compleat Reward is referved to the great Day of univerfal Re- compences, when the Sons of God by Regeneration, thall be the Sons of a glorious Refiirre- aion. But the righteous Judi; will give a prefent Reward at Luke 2o, the end of the Day, to all that 35' with unfainting Perfeverance have perform'd his Work. Our Saviour tells us, that all who Mat.2o.96 wrought in the Vineyard, re- ceiv'd their Rewards in the la.1 Hour of the Day: The Parallel is inftruaive, that when the Night of Deathcomes, theRe- ward will be difpens'd. There is a Law recorded concerning the paying Wages to thófe who were hir'd, that it fhould be in the end of the Day ,; that it fhould not be detain'd all Night Deus. 24 with theeuntil theMorning. The a ° D2 All u-