Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 41 There is a vale Circuit in our Delires, and all the Lines ter- minate in the Centre ofBleffed- nefs. Can theWorld give find cere Satisfaction to them ? So- lomon whowas as rich and high as the World could make hire, has left an everlafFingTefcimo°. ny of the Vanity of tran lient Things, from his experimental Obfervation, and theDire&ion of the Holy Spirit : So he be- gins and ends his Sermon, Va- Ecclef. I. pity ofVanities, all is Vanity ; fo I' & I2.8° vain and vexing, that we (hall not only be weary of them, but of this Life, wherein we ufe Ecci.i. '7. them. Can the Creature make us happy, when their Empti- nefs, and Anguifh annex'd to it, makes our Lives miferable ? The World cannot fatisfy our narrow Senfes : The Eye is not fatàsfred with feeing, nor theEar with hearing, much lets the infi- nite