Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on but little loner than theAngels 'tis the vile Body, but the preci- ow Soul. In its Capacity it incompara- bly excels the Body; for the Bo- dy lives &moves in the lowRe- gion of theSenfes, that are com- mon with the Worms of the Earth ; but the Soul in its Un- derftandingand Defires,is capa- ble of Communion with the ble.ffed God,ofGrace andGlory. From hence it is, that thewhole Worldcan't makeoneManhap- py ; for the Ingredients of true and cornpleat Happinefs are the PerieEion and Satisfaaion of the Soul. TheApofle tells us, The le, ú bleed of thegreater. Can the World bring Perfeai- on to Man, that is fo incompa- rably fhort ofhis Imperfeaion? Our Saviour affures us, the Gain of the whole World cannot re- compenfe the Lofs of one Soul. There