Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

M. Richard Baxter. 43 dom accorded to contrive the V Means to accompliíh our Re- demption, by the Death of his incarnate Son : We are not re- I Pet x deemed withSilver and Gold, but with the precious Blood of Chrifl, as a Lamb without fpot and ble-° mifh. Of what value is a Soul inGod's account,that hebought with his own Son's Blood, the molt facred Treafure of Hea- ven ? We may fay for the Ho- nour of our Redeemer and our o anima ! own, that which the Angels er'ge ce, g tancvah® cannot, we were fo valued by Aug. in God himfelf, that his Son be- Pfal.ioa. came Man, and died on the Crofs for the Salvation of our Souls. I (hall only mention a- nother Evidence and Effea of God's valuation of our Souls, that is, the eternal Weight of Glory, which exceeds all the ,Thoughts of our Minds, and Delires of our Hearts. What are