Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

44 .4 Funeral-Sermon on are all the Kingdoms and Plea- fures of the World, in compa- rifon of that Blefednefs God has prepar'd for thofe who love him? Now the Soul that is in- effimab?y precious, and fhould 'be moff dear to us, is fecured fromDanger, when received by God's Hands. 2. TheSoul is our immortal Parr. The Body is compounded of jarring Principles, frail and mortal : ACafualty or Sicknefs diffolves the vital Union, and it falls to the Duff. But the Soul is a Spirit by Nature, and immortal by its inherent Pro- perty. Its fpiritual Operations perform'dwithout the miniífry of the Senfes, (the Eye of the Mind contemplates its Objeas, when the Eyesof the Body are clos'd) demonffrate its fpiritual Nature : for the Being is the Root of its working, and confe- quently