Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on the evil Angels to the Souls of Men,render themvery terrible ° We may conjeaure at their Number, fromwhat is related Mark 5. in the Gofpel, that a Legion po[fefs'd one Man. They are fuperiour Spirits to Man, and tho ílripp'd of their moral Ex- cellencies, Holinefs, Goodnefs and Truth, yet retain their na- tural Power at leaíf in great de- grees. Their Malice is un- quenchable. 'Tis Paid of the Devil, He goes about. like a roar- ing Lion, Peeking whomhe may de- vour. All the Joy thofe ma- lignant Spirits are capable of, is the involving the Souls of Men in their defperate Calamity. And tho they know their oppo- fng God will increafe their Guilt and Torment, yet their Diligence is equal to their Ma- lice, to feduce, pervert and ruin Souls for ever. Nowwhen the Saints