Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. P.... 49 Saints die, all the Powers of Darknefs would,if poliible, hin- der the afcenfion of their Souls toGod. What David complains of his cruel Enemies, is appli- cable in this cafe, Their Souls are among Lions ; and if defti- tute of divinePrefervation, the Danger would be the fame ; as if a littleFlock of Lambs were toencounter with a great num- ber of fierce Lions, or fiery Dra- gons. Anger fets an edg upon Power, andmakes a Combatant but of equal Strength to over- come. How dangerous then would the Condition be of na- ked Souls, oppos'd by over- matchingEnemies, armed with Rageagainft them ? How eafily would they hurry them to the Abyfs, the Den of Dragons, the Prilon where loft Souls are fe- curd to the Day ofJudgment ? But all thePotentates of Hell E are