Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Epiflle Dedicatory. Direíting, Cousfelling, and Ex- citing you to fecure your Future Eappinef : your Lome way Ob fervant, Crátefull, and Benefi- cent to him. The Sincerity and Generofity ofyour FriendJhip, was fiery evident, in your appearing and f landing by him, when he was J roughly and unrigliteoufly hand- led, by one, who was the do- dtour of this Ages Lary ; whofé Deportment in a high place of judicature, was fQ contrary to Wi fdom, Humanity, andJuice, that there need no"foul words to wake bis Name odious. Ofthis qndyour other Favours M. B3ax- ter retain'd a dear and lafting Senfe ; and in his dying hours çkk:çlaredg that you had keen the bell