Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Epi£tie Dedicatory.. heft l friend be ever baci. He has finned his Courfe, and recei- ved his Crówn : His Name will f bine long-er than his Enemies (hall bark. I calm. l moot omit the mentioning, that Mr. Boyle and Mr. Baxter, thofe incomparablePer fons in their feveral Studies, and dear Friends, died within a Jhort (pace io f one another. Mr. Boyle was enga- ged in the Contemplation of the 17_ ofn and ArchiteE ure of the vi able World, and made rare dif . coveries in thefyftem ofNature riot'for Curiofity and barren Spe- culation, but to admire and adore the P ea f eEtions of the Deity in the Variety, Order, !Beauty, and mar- .Pelious Artifice of the, Creatures A 3 that