Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 51 membrance of their loft Happi. nefs, and Envy that humane Souls fhould partake of it) to the Place of God's glorious Re- fdente. I fhall alfo obferve, that as the Lord is a God of Power, fo he is a God of Order, and ufes fubordinate Means for the ac- eompliíhment of his Will. Our Saviour has reveal'd, that the Angels tranfport the feparate Souls of the Righteous to Hea- ven : Thole glorious Spirits, . who always behold the Face of God, fuch is their exaa Obedi- ence to him, and perfea Love to his Children, that they dii'- dain not toprotehis littleones in this open State. They rejoice Mar.8.Y0 ezt the Converfion ofSinners, at their firff entrance into theWay of Life, and with tender watch- fulnefs encompaís them here, never withdrawing their pro - E 2 teeing