Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Funeral-Sermon on teaing Prefence, till they bring them to their celeftial Country, and refign their Charge to the Lord of Life. How fafe are the departedSaints, when convey'd throughSatan's Territories by the Royal Guardof Angels tha; excel in firength 2. Heavenly Felicity. The receiving of holy Souls into God's Hands, is introduaive into 'hisPrefence, which is both a Sanauary to fecure us from all Evil, and a Store-houfe to furniili us withall that is good. The Lord is a Sun and a Shield : he is to intelleaual Beings,what the Sun is to fenftive, commu- nicates Light and Life, and joy to them. In his Prefence is ful- rl ', 6.1' nefs of yoy, at his right Hand are Rivers of Pleafure for ever. All that is evil and affliaing, is abolifh'd : all that is deferable, is conferr'd upon his Children. L