Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

gr. Richard Baxter. of Swearing than they do of Speaking, and pour forth Oaths of all fafhions and fizes. We are feverely forbid all degrees of Impurity,in theLook,inWords, or in Wifh ; yet how many without refle&ion or remorfe, continue in the deepef}Polluti- ons ! We are commanded to livefoberly in this refentWorld; yet how many indulge their fwinifh Appetites, and debafe themfelves even below theBeafis that perifh. And as the fenfual Appetites are notorioufly pre- dominant in fome, fo the angry Appetite is tyrannous inothers. Pride, Wrath, Revenge, poifefs the Breafls of many : How of- ten for a flight, or but reputed Injury, they are fo fir'd with Pailion, that their hot Blood cannot be fatisfied without the cold Blood of their Enemies.' In fhort, many live in fuch open deals -9/