Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

6o 4 Funeral-Sermon on defiance of the DivineLaw, as if there were no God to fee and punifh their Sins, or as if they would make a trial whether he will be true to his Threatning, and revenge their bold Impie- ties : They are partly worfe than Brutes ; for having an un- derifanding Faculty, a Princi- ple of Reafon, they fúbxnit it to Senfe : and partly worfe than Devils ; for as the Devils, they rebel againíf God, and yet not, they, tremble in their Re- bellion. Now when Death is ready with its cold Hands to clofe their Eyes, and Confci- enceawakes out of its Slumber, what Horrors feize upon them ! They are ffripp'd of their car- nal Securities, theCreaturecan- not help them, and the Creator will not. They have been Ene- mies to that Love that made them and preferv'd them, and, not-