Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

r. Richard Baxter. it. But carnal Perfons who are not acquainted with the Hypo- crify of their Hearts, nor duly underffand theexcellenceof the Privilege, eafly believe what they coldly defre. And the great deceiver of Souls is equal- ly fubtile to varnifh what is evil with the falfe colours of Good, and to conceal what is good un- der the appearance of Evil. From hence it is, that many tender- fpirited Chriftians are timorous, and full of unquiet Agitations all their Lives and many who have but a Phew and fair pretence of Religion, are undifiurb'd and hopeful, till at Taft they fall from their fuppo- fed Heaven and highHopes, ins to the Abyfs of NI ifèry. This Trial will be mofF cleat and convincing,by reprefenting from Scripture the infeparable Properties andCharaEers of the P Chiles