Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

66 tl Funeral-Sermon on Children of God, that d.iflin- guifh them from all that are in the State of unrenewedNature. The Apoftle tells fncere Chri- f:isns, The Spirit it felf witnef- fes with our Spirits, that. we are the Children of God. Here is a Content and Agreementofthofe Witneffes, in whom are all that is requifite to give value to their Teftinnonyo For the Spirit of God,fuch is his unerringKnow- ledg, who fearches the deep things of God, and fuch is the abfo- luteSánEity of his Nature, that he can neither deceive nor be deceived, fo that his Tef}imony is infinitely fure, and of more worth than the concurrent Te- ftimony of Heaven and Earth, of Angels and Men. Theother Witnels is the renewed Confci- ence, that is acquainted with the Aims and Affeaions of the as the Apoftle faith, Who