Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

68 4 Funeral-Sermon on .) TheGrace ofFaith is ex- J°11"2. prefs'd in Scripture by receiving ofChrift : this anfwers to God's offer ofhim toour acceptance in theGofpel. It receives him en- tirely in hisPerlon andNatures, as the incarnate Son of God ; and in his Office, as a Prince Aas 5'3I'andSaviour, to give Repentance and remiffion of Sins. This re- ceiving Chrift implies an Aa of the Underftanding and the Will ; the Underfianding af- fents to the Truth of the Di- vine Revelation, that Chrif crucified is an alfufficient Savi- our ; and the Will clofes with the Terms of it, that he will rave to the uttermart all that obey him: From hence it follows, that reliance upon him, and a fincere refolution to obey him, are neceffarily included in fa- iling Faith. This Scripture- Account diainguifhes between that