Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 69 that fubilantial Faith that is proper to the elea Children of God, and the Shadow of it in the Unregenerate ; the one is the intimate and aaive Princi- ple of Obedience, the other is a dead Affent without Efficacy, a mere Carcafs and Counterfeit of Faith. A fincere Believer as fervently delires to be Paved from the Dominion and Pollu- tion of his Sins, as from the Guilt and deadly Malignity : a carnal Man delires an Intereft in Chriff as a Saviour, that he may fecurely enjoy his P.uf}s. The crafty and curled Ser- pent deceives Men to their ru- ine, by citing Scripture, and milapplying it. The Promife is lure, Whoever believes, jhall be Paved ; and he eafily per- fwades them they are Belie- vers. 'Tis ftrange to afronifh- ment, that Men who haveRea- F 3 fon