Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Richard Baxter. 79 ferve it for our Ufe and Advan- tage. The Soul is our Jewel above all Price, 'tis our Wifdoni to fecure it out of all danger : Let us therefore commit it to the fafe and faire Hands of our HeavenlyFather, otherwife we cannot preferve it from the in- fernal Spirits, the Robbers and Murderers of Souls. The wife Preacher denoun- ces a fearful Evil, ¡'Vo be to him that is alone whin he falleth ; for Eccl.4. io he bath not another to help him up. In all the Senfes offalling, Death is the greatefr Fall : the High, the Honourable, the Rich, fall from all their State ; and Men of all Degrees are for. faken of all their carnal Corn- forts and Supports. then the folitary Soul has not a God to receive, fupport and comfort it, how woful is its Condition Methinks the apprehenfion of this 7