Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on Salvation ceafe for ever. The Sufferings of the Son of God are not a Ranfom for Sinners in that State : He reconciled things inEarth and in Heaven, but not things in Hell. The Golden Scepter is extended to none there, the Holy Spirit (rives with none, they are without the Referves of Mercy. The Guilt of Sin remains in its full Obligation, thePollution ofSin in its deepeíf Die, and the Pu- niíhment of Sin in its Extremi- ty for ever. O NI at Folly is it, or rather Frenzy, not to provide for our Souls in their greatenExigence! Common Reafon inftruas us, knowing our own Weaknefs, tocommit our Treafure to the cuftody of our Friends, which wecannot otherwifè keep from our Enemies ; efpecially to fuch a Friend as can and will pre- ferve