Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Epiftie Dedicatory. Light of Glory, they fee the face of God, and are fatisfied with his likenefs for ever. 'Ts a high honour to you, that Mr. Boyle and .Mr.Baxter fhould by their Laft Will nominate you amongft their Executors. .It was the Saying of a W feRoman, Malo divi Augufti judicium, quam beneficium. I had ra- ther have the Efleemof the Ens- perour Auguftus than his Gifts : for he was- an , underftandiig Prince, and his Efteemwas Very Honourable to a Perfon. That two who fo excell'd in Wi fdorn and Goodnefl, fhould commit to your Truft the dfpojal of their EfCates for the Wes ofPiety and charity is a more noble Tef i- mony