Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Epiftle Dedicatory. that compote thisgreat Univer fe. Mr. Baxter was converlant in the inviPible World: his Mind was c®n flantly applied to underfland the harmonious Agreement of the DivineAttributes in the °economy of our Salvation, and to reflore Men to the Favour and Image of God. They are now admitted into the inlightned and purified Society above . where the immenfe Vo- lumes of the Divine Wi fdom are laid open, and by one glance ofan eye, they di fcover more per felt ly the Caufes, Efyetis, and Concate- nation of all things inHeaven and Earth, than the moll diligent In- quirers can do here, in a thou/and years Study, though they had the Sagacity of Soloaaoza. By the Light