Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 8 a oufnèfs, by whom alone we can Band in Judgment. God was in Chril reconciling the World to him- felf. There is now an Ad of Ob- livion ofrer'd in the Gofpel to all that come to God by him. We have fure Salvation in his Name Bût we mutt with confenting Wills, clofe with him as our Lord and Life. The firll Gofpel preach'd by the Angel after his coming in- to the World, declares, There vas torn in the City of David a Saviour , Chrifl the Lord. We mull not fepara:te between Chrift the Saviour, andChritt the Lord between his Salvation and his Do- minion. God indifpenfably re- quires we, fhould refign our felves to his Son as our King, and rely upon him as our Prieft to atone his Difpleafure. If we thus re- ceive him, he will re(tore us to the Favour and Peace of God, eabliiht in an everlalling Cove- nant. G How