Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on flow tenderly and compaflio- nately does the great. God invite Sinners to re-enter into..his Fa. your, to acquaint our felves with him, and to be at peace ! His Em- bajadours in his Name, and in Chrifi'sfiead befeech them to be re- conciled to God. But their per- verfé Spirits would have God re- conciled to, them, that they might_ beexempt from Punifilment ; _but are unwilling to be reconciled to him, to part with their Lufts. In fhort, 'reconciliation withGod ne- cciTarily infers defiance with Sin. Te that love the Lord hate Evil. If Men do not ceafe their Rebellion there is no ihadow of hope to obtain the Divine Favour. Do ye provoke the Lord to lee lot*, are you flronger than he? Jea.loufie is the molt fenlible and fevere Afredion. As 'tis with a , Town taken by form, all that are found in Arms are without Met-