Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. in his promifed Mercy. The weak- nefs of their Faith cannot fruílrate God's faithfulnefs. 'Tis the Since- rity, not the Strength of Grace, that is requifite to Salvation. If Faith be fhaking as a trig J ed reed, and but kindling as the finoaking flax it shall be viátorious. O that thefe powerfull Comforts may encourage dying Chririans to commend their Souls with Ar- dencyand Affurance to God, their Father, and Felicity. I have now finiíht my Dii courffe upon the Text, and 4hall apply my felf to gpeâk of' the o- ther Subjet, the Reverend Mr. RichardBaxter, that Excellent In- brument of Divine Grace, to re- cover and relfore,fo many revol- ted Souls to God, out of the Em- pire of his Enemy : or in the A- poales Language, to tranflate them fritm the Kingdom of Darkg°fs, in- G 3 to