Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

86 A Funeral-Sernlon on to the Dingdorn of his dear Son. r am fenfible, that in fpeaking of him I fhall be under a double Difadvantage : For thole who per- feUly knew him, will be apt to think my Account of him to be short and defeaive, an imperfect Shadow of his refplendent Ver- tues : others who were unacquain- ted with his extraordinary Worth, will from Ignorance or Envy be in- clin'd to think his jufl Praifes to be undue and exceílive. Indeed if Love could make me eloquent, I fhould ufe all the mol lively and graceful Colours of Language to a- dorn his Memory : but this Con- iideration relieves me in theCon- fcioufncls of my Difability, that a plain Narrative of what Mr. Baxter was, and did, will bee a mol noble Eulogy : and that his lubfla.ntial Piety no mote needs artificial Oratory to fet it of, than refined Gold wants Paint to