Bates - BT825 B37 1683

sEMOINZ,s Indeed his Death is incompa- rably a greater Wonder than his RefurreCtion. For 'tis apparently moredifficult that thnonofGoof,, who original} y poffeffes Immor- tality, fhould die, than that the humane Body united to him, fhould be railed to a glorious Life. It is more conceivable that God fhould communicate to the humane Nature come of his Di- vine Perfeóions, Impoffiibility, and Immortality, than that he fhould fubmit to our loweft In- firmities, Sufferings, and Death. Now theRelurreftion of thrift is theargument and claimof our happy Refiirre6tion. For God choie and appointed him to be theExample and Principle from whom all divine Bleflings fhould be derived to us. Accordingly he tells his Difciples in a fore-cited Scripture , becaufe I live, ye fball live