Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon D EATH. 93 live afo. Our Nature was rais'd in his Perlon, and in our Nature . all Believers : Therefore He is .called thefirft fruits ofthem that fleep; becaufe as the firft Fruits were a pledge and affurance of the fol.. lowing Harvefl ; and as from the condition of the firft Fruits being offered to God, the whole Har- veil was entitled to a Gonfecra tien ; fo our Saviour's Refurre- ction to the Life of Glory is the earneff and affurance of ours. He is called the firfl-born among the Dead, and owns the race of de- parted Believers as his Brethren, who fhall be reflored to Life ac- cording to his Pattern. He is the bead, lelievers are his members, and therefore fhall have communion with him in his Life. The effe& is fo infallible that now they are Paid to be raitd up together, and made Ephef. 2. tofit in heavenly places in Chrifl Jefus. If