Bates - BT825 B37 1683

94 SERMONS If his Vitory over our Enemies had been imperfe&, andhe had laved himfelf with difficulty and hazard, [as it were by Fire,] in the Apof}le's exprellion, our Redem- ption had not been accomplifh't: taut his Paflion was triumphant, and is it conceivable that he fhould leave the Saints, his own by fo many dear titles, under the power of Death ? If Mofes the Deliverer of Ifrael from the Ty- Exod.10.26 ranny of Pharaoh, would not Puf- fer any thing of theirs, not an hoof to remain in the Houle of Bon- dage ; will our great Redeemer. be lets perfect in his Work ? Shall our laff Enemy always detain his Spoils, our Bodies, in the Grave ? This would refle t upon his Love and Power. [is recorded, to confirm our hopes, how early his Power was diíplaid in forcing the Grave to releafe its chained Cap-